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Residential & Commercial Cleaning Services Available in Gilbert, Arizona and Nearby Areas.

Professional Cleaning Services in Gilbert, AZ

LeBlanc Cleaning provides residential and commercial cleaning services in Gilbert, Arizona and nearby areas. Trusted since 2017, we are proud to deliver 5-Star cleaning services to over 200 properties each and every week.

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Proudly serving Gilbert, Arizona and nearby communities including within the following zip codes: 85142, 85204, 85206, 85209, 85212, 85225, 85233, 85234, 85249, 85286, 85295, 85296, 85297, 85298.

House Cleaning Services in Gilbert, AZ
Maid Services in Gilbert, AZ

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Over 200+ customers each week trust LeBlanc Cleaning to service their home and/or offices. When you hire us, it just gets done. It is THAT simple!

  • Bonded & insured
  • Background check for all our employees
  • Firm certified on industry standard (IICRC) cleaning practices

Residential Cleaning

Our professional house cleaning services are available weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, seasonally or one-time.   We also offer move in/out cleanings to help make your move less stressful.

Commercial Cleaning

Our professional commercial cleaning services are available on your schedule to help ensure a clean, comfortable work environment.  We serve offices, warehouses, schools, hotels, restaurants, country clubs, fitness centers and more.

Carpet Cleaning

We offer residential and commercial carpet steam cleaning services using our top of the line truck mounted equipment to provide an exceptional clean, every time.

Frequently Asked Questions When Hiring LeBlanc Cleaning

When did LeBlanc Cleaning open?2022-02-22T11:28:16-07:00

LeBlanc Cleaning first opened for business in 2017.

How much does it cost to get your house cleaned?2022-02-22T11:29:25-07:00

The time it takes to get your home cleaned will depend on the size of the house and the specifics of the cleaning that will be applied. We provide a comprehensive deep cleaning service that addresses the entire home from the top to bottom. We also provide general maintenance cleaning which is great for a routine cleaning as part of your regular home maintenance regimen. Call us today for a FREE no-commitments estimate for the cleaning of your home.

How do I pay for the cleaning services?2022-02-22T11:30:02-07:00

Payment for the services is made as the service is completed. We accept cash, and all major credit cards.

Do I need to be home when you clean?2022-02-22T11:32:20-07:00

This decision is entirely up to you. Most often our clients arrange for cleaning services to occur when they are not home for convenience’s sake. If you will be home while the cleaning is taking place, we kindly ask that you allow the cleaning technician plenty of room to operate and try not to interrupt their work. If you will be working from home while the cleaning is underway, we can have your home office space cleaned first and allow you to begin your operations as soon as possible.

If you will not be home while we are working, we will need some way to get inside. If you have a lock box, you can provide us with the code.

What is included in a regular house cleaning?2022-02-22T11:33:12-07:00

We offer different levels of cleaning services depending on what you need. The biggest differences in the various services we provide include the items being cleaned and to what depth. Check out our Cleaning Services Page to get a full idea of what services we provide. If you are interested in anything that doesn’t appear on the list, contact our amicable representatives, we will be happy to accommodate your home’s specific cleaning needs as much as professionally possible. You may be subject to a change in rates for any extraneous cleaning projects.

Is it worth it to hire a cleaning service?2022-02-22T11:34:09-07:00

A professional home cleaning service can provide a wealth of benefits to keeping your home sanitized, cleaned and organized. Not only will you save on cleaning supplies, but you will save time as well. A regular cleaning service can be that little helping hand that restores order and allows you to maintain a clean home environment most of the time. Furthermore, imagine how much progress you could make on personal, professional, academic and social projects if you had a little more time on your hands.

Do house cleaners use their own supplies?2022-02-22T11:36:06-07:00

Yes! LeBlanc Cleaning has their own selection of top-quality green cleaning agents. But if you would like us to use something specific, we will be happy to oblige. Although, we can’t vouch for the safety or effects these cleaning agents may have on your home materials and various surfaces.

Do you tip house cleaners?2022-02-22T11:37:01-07:00

Of course, our cleaning technicians are not expecting any tips, but they would certainly appreciate such an expression of appreciation for the high standard of cleanliness they provide. However, whether you decide to tip your cleaning technician or not, you will experience the same level of diligence and attention to detail.

How often should I have my home cleaned?2022-02-22T11:39:03-07:00

You can have your home cleaned as often as you need it. A professional cleaning functions as a support and supplement for your regular cleaning. If you have nothing to do but clean your home, you may only need help after or before important visitors arrive.


On the other hand, if you are pressed for time, live in a densely populated house or both, you may need weekly or bi weekly cleaning services. We are also available for a full house deep cleaning whenever the need arises, like spring cleaning, move-in and move-out cleaning services.

What should I do with my pets when you come to clean?2022-02-22T11:40:45-07:00

We love pets, they are no problem for us. But we suggest that pets who will become alarmed by a stranger or upset by a vacuum cleaner to be placed behind closed doors.

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House Cleaners in Gilbert, AZ

3 Important Things To Consider Before Hiring Maid Services For Your Home

Gilbert, AZ House Cleaning Services

If you are able to spend money in order to save time, studies have shown that people are happy when they make this decision. If you have a family, and you hire a professional maid service, everyone will be much healthier and more productive according to the studies.

Googling “house cleaning services near me” is something you should not necessarily give up on. Eventually, you will find a professional cleaning service that will help you out, coming directly into your home to scrub, clean, and disinfect everything.

Once this occurs, you will notice that you will have more time on the weekends, and in the evenings, where you can spend it with your family instead of cleaning your home. However, it can be difficult for some people to let a complete stranger into their house even if it is for this purpose.

The following 3 factors must be considered if you do want to find a reputable maid service near you.

1. Excellent Reviews And A Good Reputation

Start asking your friends, and also family members, if they can refer anyone to you that they trust. Will they know which maid service is the most reputable? If they are using one of the services, are they actually happy with the results?

If you can’t get a referral, you can always look for online testimonies. Reviews can be found online, but don’t rely on what you find on the company’s website.

In many cases, any negative reviews are going to be removed. That’s why looking at third-party reviews, and also crosschecking this information, will be your best source for an accurate representation of these businesses.

Once you start to look for maid services that are local, start doing a very detailed amount of research, focusing on what clients may say which could include information about their skills, professionalism, work ethic, punctuality, availability, and just how trustworthy they appear to be.

Always keep in mind that every business is not going to be absolutely perfect. Simply look for patterns that you can find in the reviews. Some negative reviews are going to occur as there will always be disgruntled individuals that were not happy with the services. Do not judge a company if they do have a couple of bad reviews.

2. Communication and Customer Service

Was the company prompt in responding to your initial request for information? Most reputable companies will take no more than a single day to get back with you.

Did they respond to any questions that you have asked? When you are interacting with these companies initially, what they do next will allow you to understand how their business operates.

3. What Type Of Services Do They Offer?

You need to know, first and foremost, what it is that you hope to achieve. Are you looking for someone that cleans once a month, or would you prefer that they came every week?

Also, be aware of what you are looking for when choosing a maid service. Many of these companies will offer customized services if requested.

Before choosing any of these businesses, find out how much it will cost to use their services.

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These three tips should have revealed the secret to finding the best maid services that will comply with all of your requirements. Most of us are busy, and maintaining a clean household can be difficult, but you can’t let your house remainder very as it will not provide you with any solace at all.

What you need to find is a company that is dependable, affordable, and offers quality services, and that is exactly what LeBlanc Cleaning does for all of our clients. We understand that every homeowner will not initially be willing to open their doors, which is why we take our job so seriously when it comes to earning – and keeping – the trust of our clients.

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