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If you are in the process of buying or selling a home, congratulations! This can be an exciting time, but it can also be stressful. Fortunately, LeBlanc Cleaning's expert move-in/out cleaners are here to help make this transition go as smoothly as possible.

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We understand that moving can be a busy time, so we are here to help make sure that you don't have to worry about cleaning up after you've already moved everything out. LeBlanc Cleaning’s move-in/out cleaning services include everything we do during our Deep Cleaning Service as well as a thorough cleaning inside all closets and cabinetry.

Moving Is Hard

Let Us Lighten Your Load with a professional move cleaning

When you hire LeBlanc Cleaning for a move-in/out clean, you can have peace of mind knowing your property is in the best hands. We believe that every nook and cranny of your home should be cleaned to perfection, and we take pride in our attention to detail. Our team or experts is trained to handle every aspect of the cleaning process, from dusting and polishing to removing any stains or spots that may have been left behind.

Move Out Cleaning Service

Leave The Old Place fresh & clean

Whether you own or rent your home, it's important to leave it in pristine condition for the next residents. If you're selling, a clean and well-presented home can help you bring in more attractive offers. If you're renting, landlords often require a clean home in order for you to get your security deposit back. LeBlanc Cleaning offers move-in/out cleaning services that are perfect for any situation.

Move-In Cleaning Service

Move Into a Sparkling Clean New Home

When you hire the expert cleaners from LeBlanc Cleaning to clean your new home before you and your family arrive, you can get settled in more quickly and feel more confident and comfortable in your new space. Rather than spending your first days in a new home scrubbing and sweeping, spend them making wonderful memories in a spotlessly clean and sanitized home cared for by our professional move-in/out cleaners.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Move-In/Out cleaning services

A professional move-in/out cleaning service encompasses a comprehensive cleaning of the entire property, ensuring it is in optimal condition for the new occupants or for the landlord's inspection.

We recommend you schedule a move-in/out cleaning service as early as possible, at least two weeks before your moving date, to ensure availability and adequate time for the cleaning process. 

Yes, our move-in/out cleaning service is designed for homes that are completely empty of all furnishing, trash, and belongings.

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Move In/out Cleaning Services

Move In/Out Cleaning Services Checklist

Are you buying or selling a home? Congratulations, allow us to help make this transition a little less stressful! This service is offered if your home is completely empty of all furnishing, trash, and belongings. We do not remove anything requiring disposal. Both of these services include everything from our Deep Cleaning Service, plus a thorough cleaning inside all closets, and cabinetry.


  • Carpet vacuumed
  • Tile and hard-surface floors vacuumed and mopped
  • Baseboards wet-wiped
  • Light fixtures cleaned in place*
  • Closets vacuumed
  • Closet shelves cleaned
  • Ceiling fans wiped or dusted*
  • Door knobs cleaned
  • Light/outlet/air vent covers cleaned*
  • Cobwebs removed*
  • Sliding glass doors washed*
  • Front door(s) washed*
  • Outside of all laundry appliances wiped


  • Showers and tubs scrubbed
  • Bathroom sinks, counters, and toilets cleaned
  • Bathroom mirrors cleaned


  • Kitchen counters and sink cleaned.
  • Outside of all kitchen appliances cleaned.
  • Refrigerator/freezer wiped down inside and out*
  • Stovetop scrubbed to remove extra build-up.
  • Oven wiped out after a self-cleaning cycle has been run
  • Microwave cleaned inside and out.
  • Kitchen/Bath cabinet door/drawer fronts wiped
  • Kitchen/Bath cabinets cleaned inside

* We do not climb higher than a 2-step ladder. Higher items will only be dusted w/ an extension duster we cannot move furniture, but we will try to reach any visible places either by hand or with an extension duster. Most homes have at least one chandelier or vaulted ceiling fan that we cannot reach by hand.


Add On Services

Any of these services can be pre-scheduled and added to your regular service just once, or each time.  Each is available as a stand along project as well. Let us know what your home is in need of and we’ll be happy to provide a ballpark estimate for your specific home. If your cleaning project isn’t listed, please ask us! If we don’t offer it, we’ll help you find the professional perfect for the task!

Cabinet and drawer fronts: We will wash the entire face of each cabinet and drawer front, typically using a product like Murphy’s Oil or your own favorite brand.

Interior of cabinet and drawers: Need these cleaned? No problem! Each will need to be completely empty for us to complete this task.

Oven: 24 hours after you’ve run the self-cleaning cycle, we are happy to finish it off with a good wiping. If your oven is not self-cleaning, you’d just need to prep the oven using your favorite cleaner and we’ll take it from there.

Refrigerator: If your fridge is at least ½ empty, we’ll wipe down each shelf and drawer. If you’d like to dismantle the components yourself, we’re happy to do a full cleaning of each one. You’d be responsible for replacing drawers, shelves, etc.

Trim/baseboards: Wet wiping is important every year or so, but it’s a big job! We’d love to tackle that for you. We’ll come in and wet wipe any exposed trim/baseboards.

Doors and door trim: Wet wiping of all trim and paneled doors.

Windows: While keeping up on smudges is part of our routine cleaning, we also offer full window washing. We offer both interior and exterior window washing, provided each window tilts inside easily with one cleaning technician.  Each inside window sill/track will be either whisk-broomed or vacuumed along with a wet wipe of the area. *We do not wash screens and any inserts must be removed by you.

Furniture vacuumed: Do your four-legged babies leave behind lots of their fur or perhaps your family enjoys a meal in front of the tube-we can keep up with that fur and crumbs with a good vacuum of each piece in need.

Blinds and Shutters: Painted blinds and shutters need a good hand wash from time to time and we’re happy to help! Due to the delicate nature of most blinds, we do ask to be released of liability for this service.  (We do not clean mini blinds)

Change Linen: While we are happy to make a bed during regular cleanings, we are happy to put fresh linen on beds (no bunk beds) too. You must completely strip each bed of dirty linens and remove them from the space. Fresh set to be used must be placed on top of each bed.

3-Season Room/Deck/Porch/Garage: Cobwebs and dirt love to find their way to these areas! We’d love to help spruce up any or all of these areas for you by removing cobwebs and providing a thorough sweep. We’ll also clean table tops and the arms of patio furniture.  (Seasonal)

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