Frequently Asked Questions2022-02-21T08:44:39-07:00

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay for the services?2022-02-21T07:51:45-07:00

We require credit/debit cards in order to secure the payment for our services.

Do you charge the cleaning immediately after you get the card details?2022-02-21T07:51:47-07:00

No, we will charge the card after the cleaning services are completed.

What if the cleaner breaks an item at the home their cleaning?2022-02-21T07:51:48-07:00

Rest assured that LeBlanc Cleaning is insured and bonded.

How many cleaners do you send out?2022-02-21T07:51:49-07:00

We normally send out 1 cleaner for a recurring clean, while we send out a small team for the first initial cleaning.

What is the difference between Initial Cleaning and Recurring Cleaning?2022-02-21T07:51:51-07:00

Initial Cleaning means making your home super clean so that we’ll have a fresh start, while the Recurring Cleaning means maintaining the cleanliness.

Do you accept tips?2022-02-21T07:51:52-07:00

We don’t expect tips but we’ll certainly appreciate it.

What’s the first step to avail a recurring clean?2022-02-21T07:51:54-07:00

We normally send out a team and do a Property- Walk through in order for us to know the condition of the home.

Do you offer carpet cleaning?2022-02-21T07:51:55-07:00

Yes, we offer carpet cleaning.

Do you use organic or eco-friendly cleansers?2022-02-21T07:51:56-07:00

LeBlanc Cleaning also use green products especially if a client requests it.

Do I need to provide cleaning products and equipment?2022-02-21T07:51:58-07:00

No, LeBlanc Cleaning provides all cleaning equipment and supplies.

What if my cleaning falls on holiday?2022-02-21T07:51:59-07:00

Typically we are closed during holidays, so what we’ll normally do is reschedule the cleaning.

Are there any cleaning tasks that you will not perform?2022-02-21T07:52:00-07:00

Due to health and safety regulations we cannot clean areas containing biohazard waste such as animal or human waste or urine. We also don’t clean 15 ft. high windows since the insurance will not cover it.

What time will my cleaning take place?2022-02-21T07:52:02-07:00

We schedule our cleaning at 8:00 am- 10:00 am and 10:00 am- 12:00 pm as arrival window of the cleaners. We don’t clean late in the afternoon.

Do I need to be at home while the cleaning is performed?2022-02-21T07:52:03-07:00

This is entirely up to you. Most of our customers are not at home during their cleanings, which is why we ask for the lockbox code in order for us to have access while the client’s away.

What if I need to cancel my cleaning? Do you have cancellation fee?2022-02-21T07:52:05-07:00

No, we don’t have cancellation fee but we would like you to call us 2-3 business days before your cleaning schedule.

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