Don’t Let These 4 Places Go Without Proper House Cleaning

House cleaning services are a great tool to use when you don’t have time to clean up at home or in your office. But there are certain areas that can be overlooked if you’re not careful. These places can often get neglected, resulting in bacteria and dust buildup over time. Make sure to take a double look at these four areas in your space.

1. Crevices in the Bathroom

According to the CDC, thorough cleaning can reduce the spread of hundreds of germs that have the potential to cause illness. Areas where bacteria can easily hide, such as underneath the toilet seat, around the sink, and in between toilets and walls, should be given extra attention. Make sure to make this space your priority when dusting and mopping.

2. Air Vents

Air vents can quickly accumulate dust and be damaging to your health. Make sure to clear them of any dust and debris using a vacuum hose or microfiber cloth to get those hard-to-reach places. Similar to air vents, ceiling fans can also accumulate dust and debris on their top side. Using a duster with a handle is a safe way to easily get rid of dust, which can spread once your ceiling fans are turned on.

3. Counters and Tables

Tables, chairs, and countertops can often be overlooked during cleaning. Take the time to clean any surfaces that come in contact with food and commonly used surfaces. Begin by wiping down any surfaces with an appropriate cleaner, such as an all-purpose cleaner or disinfectant, or a cleaner for stone or granite. In addition, make sure to get inside drawers and cabinets, especially if these areas are used for storing food or other items.

4. Carpets and Rugs

Don’t forget the carpets! Make sure to vacuum or steam clean carpets in high-traffic areas. Also, when possible, shake out rugs to remove any dust and dirt that may be trapped inside the fibers. House cleaning services can also vacuum or steam clean to help reduce the spread of bacteria and dirt that could be harmful to your health.

Cleaning these four areas will help keep your home safe from germs and dust, and ensure that you’re taking the right steps to maintain a clean and healthy environment. If you’re looking for house cleaning services that can help, call LeBlanc Cleaning today!

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