5 Tips for Having Clean Furniture in Your Home

In 2021, Americans spent more than ever before on furniture and bedding – a whopping 11 billion dollars! If you’ve just made some updates yourself, you’re probably wondering how to keep your brand new investment looking as new as possible.

Sound familiar? Read on to learn all about how to clean furniture, prevent it from getting dirty in the first place, and what to do if something goes wrong. 

1. Prevent Damage From Pets, Kids, and Food

The first and best way to keep your furniture looking like new? Protect it from common sources of spills and stains.

Try making some specific furniture or parts of your home off-limits to kids and pets, and keep food and drinks limited to your kitchen and dining room. You can also use throw blankets or even slipcovers for added protection.

2. Spot and Surface Clean

Keep an eye on those clean couches and chairs, and remove any dirt or debris as soon as you find it. Vacuum to remove dust and pet hair for a clearer look at the upholstery. Then, use a moist towel or baby wipe to gently wipe away any spots that you find. 

Did you find a pesky spot that doesn’t want to come out? Gently clean the area according to the upholstery code on your furniture’s tags.

3. Apply Protection

Some fabrics allow you to apply sealers, stain repellants, and even waterproofing. If you live in a high-traffic home with plenty of pets, kids, and people, this might be your best bet.

Fabric protection is also ideal for anyone who enjoys entertaining but doesn’t want to scrub out food and wine stains left behind after parties and gatherings. 

4. You Can Steam Clean Furniture 

If you’re wondering how to clean furniture deeply enough that it looks new again, steam cleaning is likely your best bet. Like professional carpet cleaning, this process uses a machine to apply and vacuum away heated water and steam, lifting dirt and debris from deep within fabrics.

To steam clean furniture, you need a specialized machine designed just for fabrics and upholstery. Smaller machines designed to remove wrinkles just won’t cut it!

5. Hire Professional Help

Whether you need a little bit of extra assistance cleaning your home or want to add a bit of polish to furniture and other surfaces, it’s time to hire help. Residential cleaning services are fast, effective, and reliable. And, they’ll leave your house looking spotless!

Professional house cleaners will also have the tools and tricks needed to fight pesky furniture stains and repel future ones without the need for costly rental equipment. They’ll also hone in on the other areas in your home that need deep cleaning, making maintenance easier for you in between visits.

Sparkling Clean Furniture Made Easy

If you follow this guide, getting and keeping clean furniture will be a breeze! And, you already know what to do, should your favorite comfy couch or chair suffer an accidental spill or stain.

Is it time to bring in the pros? Contact Leblanc Cleaning or call 833-425-3261 today. We do way more than clean furniture – and we offer free quotes!

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